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Thankfulness in the Classroom

There's no time like November to get into a thankful spirit, and showing your gratitude is a fantastic way to increase feelings like joy and optimism across everyone, from teachers and students to faculty, staff and parents. For the Cherokee County Educational Foundation, what we are most thankful for is everyone who supports our mission: supporting the students and staff of the Cherokee County School District; from our sponsors, contributors, board members, volunteers and everyone in-between – thank you! 

Gratitude can really go a long way, not only in education, but in life too! We decided to put together a great list of several things that are positively impacted by showing thankfulness, and a couple of great ways to do so! 

The Impacts of Gratitude

Studies show that across many different fields, from the classroom to the workplace, incorporating gratitude into relationships has many, many benefits to our mental health. 

Making & Keeping Friendships

When you think about some of the first friends you made, you probably made them in the classroom. Saying "thank you" to peers you've just been introduced to is one of the best ways to build trust and respect among people you might be unfamiliar with. When it comes to helping your students form healthy relationships with one another, going the extra mile to teach and include gratitude can make a lifelong impact. 

Healthier Minds

Aside from building the foundations of relationships between other students, team members, or coworkers, expressing thankfulness is a great way to improve the mental health of ourselves and others. Studies show that expressing and receiving gratitude positively changes your brain. It boosts signals in our brains, like dopamine and serotonin, to reinforce our self-esteem, confidence, and strength against stressful situations, which can all help us have better days at school.

Thinking of Others

When finding ways to say thank you to our peers, we are learning the benefits of empathy firsthand. This is a great skill to have that can help students become more grateful and encourage them to share and support others, which will work to decrease self-centeredness.

Some of the best ways to encourage gratitude in the classroom, or even in other team-building environments, is by modeling good technique. Take the time to say "thank you" for the little things, and your kindness will spread to others, growing exponentially. Like many good classroom habits, gratitude is another skill that will be more powerful and effective the more you use it. Take the time to set this as a goal for the end of the semester, or the next, and you'll be thankful you did.

About CCEF

CCEF strives to create inclusive and exciting opportunities for supporters of CCSD educators and students to get involved. We run several programs throughout the year to supply funds to the faculty and schools for impactful educational projects, big and small. We would like to thank everyone who supports, donates, and volunteers for CCEF. Visit our website to learn how you can support us! 
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