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2022 Alumni of the Year

Cherokee County not only has some of the best schools in the state, but we also are fortunate enough to have some awesome alumni that tirelessly give back to their community. Every year we take a moment to acknowledge some that go above and beyond, and this year two stood out. We are so excited to congratulate Misti Martin and Judge Tony Baker as the 2022 Cherokee County Alumni of the Year.

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Declutter Your Classroom

The end of the year is here! Now is the time to get your room ready for those summer deep-cleans and also prep for next year, or maybe you're retiring and now you have years of supplies collected. It's the perfect time to go through your class supplies and clean out those items that maybe haven't been used in a while (even though we know you might use them next year 😉). Here are some ideas of what to do with any unwanted items. 

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What is STEAM Curriculum?

Cherokee County Educational Foundation's dedication to funding different programs and initiatives in the Cherokee County School District spans across many different programs, ideas, and functions. A huge part of our mission is our promise of transparency in what we fund with your donations and how your support sends ripples across the community.

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Tips for Teachers: Sneaking Mindfulness Into Your Busy Day

More than likely, we have all experienced that "running around like a chicken with our head cut off" feeling on more than one occasion. If you are a teacher, that feeling is one we are certain you know all too well. Especially this time of year, with Spring break just behind us and Summertime looming on the horizon, students and teachers alike can start to feel more restless than usual.

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Spring Cleaning in the Classroom: Tips for a Fresh Start

For most of us, the turn of the season means it's time to declutter our homes. We donate the clothes that don't fit, put away our winter decorations, and start taking inventory on what we really need in our houses. But, what about your classroom?

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It's Time to Celebrate: The 2022 Celebration of Education Gala

Gala Invite

It's that time of year again! That's right. The Celebration of Education Gala is back and better than ever! We are so thrilled to be back together this year for our Gala, and we look forward to seeing all of your bright and smiling faces on March 12th.  

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The Truth About Recognizing Accomplishments in the Classroom

It's human nature to doubt our work, our accomplishments, and even ourselves at times. Whether you're 10 years old or 45 years old, we all appreciate a "good job", a high five, or a simple "thank you" when we feel as though we've accomplished something. In fact, this might energize us to chase that feeling over and over again!

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Gifted Kid Burnout Syndrome: Tips for Productive Encouragement

Gifted Kid Burnout Syndrome is a term that was coined on social media in the last few years. It quickly rose in popularity in early 2021 on TikTok, sparking conversations all over the world about its legitimacy, the causes, and what it all really means. So, what exactly is "Gifted Kid Burnout"? Why should we take the time to handle the concept with kindness, compassion, and understanding?

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A Year-End Recap: Moving On to 2022!

Can you believe 2022 is already here? The last couple of years have been some of the most challenging, enlightening, and efficacious for our wonderful community. We are extraordinarily honored to represent the fundraising arm of the Cherokee County School District; the teachers, parents, students, and staff have continuously showed resiliency that will remain a source of inspiration for years to come!
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How to Achieve Holiday Inclusion in the Classroom

"We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity, life would be very boring." - Catherine Pulsifer

The beautiful thing about our students growing up and going to school is the people they will meet, the lives they will touch, and the positive impact they will have on each other. For many of us, the holiday season offers warm and fuzzy memories from when we were younger. For students, this time of year brings more sweet treats, joyful moods, winter breaks, and who could forget the gift exchanges!

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DIY Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

What's a better way to show somebody you care than by making them a gift they will cherish forever? It's easy to get caught up in the gift giving aspect this time of year. So many of us are concerned about the latest trends, how to get ahold of something everybody else wants, and how to top last year's gifts. Or maybe you're worried about how you're going to afford gifts for everybody you love this year. Either way, one thing is for certain: gift giving does not have to break the bank in order to be special. 

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CCEF Looks into Classrooms Around the World

For 5 days a week, our students go to class. They may have one classroom, or multiple. Sometimes they change every hour. Sometimes the classroom is at home. Either way, most of us have a very clear idea of what a "classroom" looks like when we're told to picture one in our head.

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10 Easy Ways to Thank Our Teachers

"Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other." – Randy Pausch

November is here! This month holds many different meanings for many different people. But first and foremost, it is the month of thanks. "Thanks" is defined as the exclamation or expression of gratitude to another person. And while the word has been around since the mid-13th century, the way we express it is ever-changing

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Parents and Teachers: Encourage Learning Outside of the Classroom

Learning is a huge part of life that never goes away. From the moment you open your eyes you start taking in the world around you. School starts and you go to preschool, elementary school, middle school, then high school. Some go to college and get their associates, bachelors, masters, or PHD degrees. Some go straight into the workforce. No matter the case, the one thing everybody has in common is we never stop learning.  

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2021 Golf and Tennis Classic Winners

Two amazing events, the 2021 Golf Classic and Tennis Classic, took place on Monday, October 11th, 2021, at the Bridgemill Athletic Club both benefitting the students and teachers in the Cherokee County public school district.

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2021 At Home with CCEF Contest Winners Announced

CCEF strives to create inclusive and exciting opportunities for supporters of CCSD educators and students to get involved. We run several programs throughout the year to supply funds to the faculty and schools for impactful educational projects, big and small. From Impact Grants, Rapid Grants, sporting events, and more, CCEF wants to provide opportunities to those who otherwise may not have the funds to make their ideas come to life. CCEF consistently seeks to support innovative and impactful education programs in the district through fundraisers, grants, and campaigns.

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Engagement Strategies in the Classroom

Teacher and student

When you have a classroom full of students with different interests, abilities, and learning styles, it can be difficult to keep them all engaged when going through your lesson plans. Ultimately, it's nearly impossible to keep every student 100% engaged for the entirety of every class. Why? Because they're different humans with different interests and different struggles. In the words of Albert Einstein, "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." So, as you work through the second month of school, we hope these are some ideas that will help you "awaken joy" in your students. 

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Fun Fall Break Activities for the Whole Family

Fall fun

We're sure you already know, but in case you don't – classes will not be held September 20th-24th for fall break! If you weren't already excited, we hope you are now! Whether you're a CCSD teacher or a CCSD parent, you may need some ideas for fun activities during this break. This is your chance to get into the fall spirit, so here are some ideas for things to do with your family during the break. 

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How to Promote Friendships in the Classroom

Students in classroom

Put yourself in the shoes of your students. Do you remember what it felt like to walk into a new classroom with a new teacher and new classmates? It's scary for some, exciting for others, but inevitable for every student as they seek to find their place in this little world of theirs. Many of us can think of at least one friend from school that has lasted the test of time and now these students just recently walked into a classroom with the potential to meet their best friend. As a teacher, you have the opportunity to help forge these relationships, and here are some ways to do just that. 

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Introducing New and Returning CCEF Board Members

2021 Board Members

Not only have we started a new school year, but we also have some new Cherokee County Educational Foundation board members and even one returning board member! We couldn't do what we do without our awesome team, and we couldn't be more excited for all of the ways that these outstanding individuals will benefit the Foundation. 

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